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Geometric Series: Designed in Austin, Texas, handcrafted in Guanajuato, Mexico

The GEOMETRIC SERIES is a collection of 14 mathematically inspired patterns, designed by Austin creative, Ayse Iyriboz.

Though Ayse’s style is often described as contemporary and modern, many of her designs are derived from historic and ancient works. The GEOMETRIC SERIES is a fresh take on timeless imagery.

The GEOMETRIC SERIES uses fine line screen printing and simple color combinations to create tile patterns that are not only beautiful but also curious and thought-provoking. Much like gazing into a work or art, these patterns speak to the viewer. Depending on how you choose to them, they can communicate simplicity and minimalism or complexity and extravagance.

Though the GEOMETRIC SERIES patterns can be used independently to create a field of intricate repeating lines, multiple patterns can also be combined to make a collective and truly unique mosaic work. Dare to mix and match your own configuration...

As with all Clay Imports’ products, the GEOMETRIC SERIES tiles are handmade and responsibly sourced. This product is handcrafted in Dolores Hidalgo, Guanajuato, México. It is produced of only NON-lead based glazes and recycled porcelain. The GEOMETRIC SERIES is made to last a lifetime, and not much longer than that. Unlike many conventional tile products, this tile body is designed to biodegrade after 150 years.

We are glad to be working with Ayse-Design and honored to be the exclusive producer and supplier of the GEOMETRIC SERIES.

Check out how the tiles are made! Here is a pretty awesome video by Beef and Pie: