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Glazed Thin Brick Oxygen – Gloss


Size: 2.5″ x 8″
Thickness: 3/8″
Coverage : 1 sq.ft. =  7 pcs
Finish : Gloss

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Glazed Thin Brick

We source Saltillo Glazed Thin Brick responsibly from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. This product is produced exclusively for Clay Imports. We stock this glazed handmade tile in Austin, Texas.

About Saltillo and Glazed Thin Brick

Clay Imports sources all tiles responsibly from places we appreciate. Needless to say, we visit each international partner and their production facilities regularly. For one thing, traditional saltillo tile is a hand-made, rustic, unglazed floor tile that is made in Saltillo. With this in mind, Clay Imports introduces a new progressive project. In collaboration with our partners in Mexico, we’ve created a “perfectly imperfect”, textured and super shiny new subway trend. Specifically, we are now glazing saltillo tile in Austin’s oldest sister city.

Follow TheTilePress

To learn more, please follow our tile scout in Saltillo for photographic celebration and a reminder of what handmade truly means on TheTilePress. Clay Imports carries a lot of different handmade tiles from all over the world. So many, that sometimes small batch productions get lost. TheTilePress is an avenue for us to highlight specialty, craft manufacturers while showing off some of the coolest stuff we offer.

Color Sample Available Immediately (Select size 4×4 below)

Size: 4″x4″
Size: 8″x8″
Size: 8″x8″
Size: 8″

Color Sample Available Immediately (Select size 4×4 below)


Did you know that Saltillo and Austin are sister cities? Surely, this friendly relationship fuels Clay Imports and our commitment to support local communities in both cities. Don’t hesitate to reach out their non-profit’s President, Nick Barreiro if you have any questions or would like to join us in creating international peace.

Maintain Saltillo Tiles

Clay Imports offers installation services in Austin. Indeed, we pride ourselves in meticulous installation work. Our crew works on point. Feel free to contact us for an installation quote and reach out anytime if you have questions.