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Glazed Abanico Noir Black

$10.00 per piece

-Size : 12″
-Finish : Semi Gloss + Matte Sheen
-Texture :
-Variation :
-Lead time : Made to order. Ships from warehouse within 6-8 weeks.
-Sample : No full size sample available. You will receive a 6” Abanico Noir sample for color/texture reference.

  • Please input your needed square footage in the box below. We recommend adding an additional 15% to your actual area to account for overage, cuts and waste.
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Total Price $10.00


What is Glazed Abanico?

Glazed Abanico Noir Black tile (also know as fan tiles, scallop tiles, or fish scale tiles) are an incredibly beautiful addition to a residential or commercial project. The streamlined and aerodynamic form creates stunning movement and uninterrupted flow. These beauties will make your backsplash, fireplace, shower or bathroom wall stand out. Did you know that Clay Imports was the first company in the world to glaze Saltillo tile? For more than 300 years, people have been firing Saltillo in Mexico, but three years ago we asked how one could go about glazing. Thus, we took glazing technology from Morocco and brought it to Saltillo!

Size and color options?

Glazed Abanico comes in 6″ and 12″. Are you looking for another color than Glazed Abanico Noir Black? No problem! Color options are plentiful and range from soothing neutrals to rich jewel tones: just choose from any of these colors. To move forward, please contact us or chat with us online.

Important Installation Note

High variation in size, color and texture are inherent to Glazed Abanico Noir Black. For a natural, well blended finish, Clay Imports recommends mixing your tiles prior to installation – Remove all tiles from the box, lay them out and blend them. Expect to find a few pieces of tile with glaze chips. Though you can sort these tiles out and use them for cuts, including tiles with chips, flakes and irregularities will emphasize the handcrafted look of your installation. Please read our glazed thin brick installation guideline prior to installation.

  • Though this product works well in wet areas such as showers and backsplashes, prior to installation, the unglazed back of your tile is susceptible to absorbing moisture. Until you are ready to install, do not let your tile to get wet.

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Semi Gloss Sheen






1 square foot = 2 pieces



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