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D’Hanis Replica Matte Sealed

$4.50 per piece

Size :
Finish :
Matte Sealed (Pre-sealed with oil based sealer.)
Texture :
Variation : V-2 (Slight Variation)
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What is D’Hanis Replica tile?

D’hanis Tile is dense-pressed meaning our manufacturer use a mechanical press machine to press. Because of this process, it is much denser and harder than the traditional saltillo. In addition, because the dhanis is compressed denser than the traditional, after it is fired, it is much flatter and has less color variation. All color variation in the Dhanis is within the red, terra-cotta tone. Where as, the traditional saltillo is less dense, resulting in a more irregular body and far more color variations from yellow to gold to terra-cotta.

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12"x 12"


Matte Sealed (Pre-sealed with oil based sealer.)




1 square foot = 1 piece


V-2 – Slight variation where there may be differences in texture and/or shade within similar colors.


Suitable for floors, walls, fireplace surrounds, exterior kitchens etc. Also suitable for commercial use in restaurants or bars.

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Photographer : Brooke Schwab