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Juice Black

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A bit more formal version of the Juice White, the Juice Black is like a perfectly tailored tuxedo; classic and modern. It is versatile and has a practically infinite number of configurations. Gracefully neat and tidy. Easily conforms to many aesthetics.

Size: 8″x8”
Thickness: 5/8”
Coverage: 1 sq.ft. = 2.25 pcs
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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 0.44
Total Price $4.90

Product Usage

Juice Black

floors, walls, showers, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, exterior kitchens, exterior showers, etc. Also suitable for commercial use in restaurants or bars.


Juice Black

Mapei Ultra Color 38 Avalanche


Juice Black

Design: Davey McEathron Architecture
Photography: Leonid Furmansky