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Catalonia Blue Polished

$6.90 $6.21 per piece

Size : 8″x8″
Finish : Honed
Texture :
Variation : V-2 (Slight Variation)
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What is Terrazzo polished cement tile?

Catalonia Blue terrazzo cement tile is a traditional material that is entirely handmade. Terrazzo tiles are a version of classic cement tiles. These tiles contain small pieces of marble, which are visually pleasing and also add a special, silk-feel texture without causing any negative change in the slip rates. Our terrazzo polished cement tiles are created using a special mix of the highest quality materials ensuring durability, and guaranteeing that they will remain vivid and beautiful.

Technically, terrazzo tiles have an even higher endurance and lower absorption rates than classic cement tiles. However, the real advantage the terrazzo tiles offer is the thickness of the color layer (6-8 mm) which makes them suitable for grinding in 5-10 years if needed when any staining occurs. A new layer of color appears after the grinding and the continual use of the tiles is possible without the need to change them. It is suitable for all commercial and residential floors and walls when the appropriate application procedures are followed.

Important Installation Note

Catalonia Blue terrazzo cement tile requires sealing heavily during the installation process. If this step is not done correctly, staining can begin to occur immediately following installation. Note that certain sealers will darken cement tile colors significantly. Ask your installer to apply sealer options to sample pieces prior to sealing all tile. Please read our encaustic pattern cement installation guideline and cement tile sealing guideline prior to installation.

  • Mix tiles from different boxes during setting to produce a beautiful and natural appearance.
  • Use only non-pigmented or low-pigmented grouts. We recommend selecting a non or low-pigment grout by Mapei.

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3 lbs


1 square foot = 2.25 pieces




V-2 – Slight variation where there may be differences in texture and/or shade within similar colors.

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