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Breeze Block Triangle

$3.50 per piece

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-Length : 9 1/4″
-Width : 4 5/8″
-Height : 2 1/4″

How many square feet do you need for your area? Please include at least 15% overage for cuts and waste.

Actual Area (sq. ft.) 0.35
Total Price $3.50


Breeze Block Triangle are produced of 100% natural clay from Saltillo, Mexico. The blocks are produced by extracting dense clay through a patterned die. This product is designed to combine the aesthetics of west coast Mid Century Modern with Mexican contemporary architecture. Breeze Blocks are an ideal option for constructing breathable partitions and defining areas while still allowing light and air to flow between the spaces. Breeze Block walls should be stacked using masonry cement. The cement spacing will require a 1/2 inch joint between individual blocks.

Additional information


4 lbs


1 square foot = 2.88 pieces

Load Capacity Rating

2300 PSI


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