SKU: Solid


per piece

Size : 4″x4″ square

Conversion :1 sq.ft = 9 pieces


Key Features:
-Red Clay Body
-Medium-temperature (800-1100 degrees C) twice fired
-Hydraulic pressed, denser body
-Hand painted in matte neutral tones
-Distressed and rustic appearance
-Moderate levels of natural variation between tiles
-Somewhat thicker body than Primavera tile

Ideal Applications:
-Kitchen Backsplashes
-Shower surrounds

Product Usage


Our Añejo tile line is one of the newest features in our lineup! We have designed this line to pay homage to the beauty we love in ancient structures and building. We have worked to encapsulate the rustic essence and delicate distressing seen in ancient building materials, while maintaining a very simple and minimalistic aesthetic. Most of these tiles are created in neutral tones with a matte finish. Although these tiles look antiqued, they are incredibly durable, need not be sealed, and require little maintenance.