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Anejo Crossdrop

$5.00$9.00 per piece

Finish : Matte
Texture : Smooth Surface, Mild Scraped Edges
Variation :
V-2 (Slight Variation)

This classic tile made in Mexico could easily be found in a French cottage. The imperfect perfection of the glaze with an ever so slight terra-cotta peeking through on the edges, creates a warmth that most black and white tiles can’t. The drops create a subtle diamond pattern in a large field. It would be wonderful around a fireplace or a stove backsplash. 


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Our Añejo tile line is one of the newest collections in our lineup! We have designed this line to pay homage to the beauty we love in ancient structures and building. We have worked to encapsulate the rustic essence and delicate distressing seen in ancient building materials, while maintaining a very simple and minimalistic aesthetic. Most of these tiles are created in neutral tones with a matte finish. Although these tiles look antiqued, they are incredibly durable, do not require sealant and are low maintenance.

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4"x4", 6"x6"






V-2 – Slight variation where there may be differences in texture and/or shade within similar colors.


Mild scraped edges, Smooth


Suitable for floors, walls, showers, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, exterior kitchens, exterior showers, etc. Also suitable for commercial use in restaurants or bars.

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