SKU: Agadir Black(Mexico)

Agadir Black

per piece

Size: 8″x8”
Thickness: 5/8”
Coverage: 1 sq.ft. = 2.25 pcs

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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 0.44
Total Price $6.90


Cement Tile Agadir Black

Cement Tile Agadir Black is responsibly sourced from Mexico.

Color Options

Do you love the decorative pattern but want to create your signature look? Choose from our 60 color palette and create your personalized tile. Not only, can you pick colors, but also have the chance to play with the virtual design tool, that our supplier in Mexico, Original Mission Tile, provides. To move forward, please contact us per email or visit our design studio in Austin, Texas. Finally, all of our custom cement tiles are handcrafted in Mexico.

Design tool
Username :
Password : designyourtile

About Cement Tile

Clay Imports sources all tiles responsibly from places we appreciate. Needless to say, we visit each international partner and their production facilities regularly. Cement tile is an eco-friendly product. The main component of cement tile is 100% recycled Portland cement. Accordingly, you can recycle these tiles entirely. Cement tiles are handmade. In addition, production does not require heavy energy-consuming machinery. Furthermore, we use only natural pigmented colors. Our tiles are lead- and BPA-free. Cement tiles cure and dry in the sun, which means that there are no emissions from firing.  Above all, at the end of their life cycle, you can break up and re-use cement tiles. Read our blog for more information!

Install and Maintain Cement Tiles

Clay Imports offers installation services in Austin.We pride ourselves in meticulous installation work. Our crew works on point. Feel free to contact us for an installation quote. Also, take a look at out our recommendations of how to install and maintain handmade cement tiles. And finally, please reach out anytime if you have questions.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 in