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Adonte 6″ x 6″

per piece

The technique of hand cutting and painting going back to the 16th century makes each tile unique. Light relief texture from the glaze application process creates depth and adds to the richness of the multiple colors. The Adonte is equally at home in a traditional setting as well as modern bohemian or artistic environments.

Size: 6″x6”
Thickness: 3/8”
Coverage: 1 sq.ft. = 4 pcs
Finish: Gloss/Raised Decorative Surface
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Actual Area (sq. ft.) 0.25
Total Price $9.00

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About Relief Tile

Clay Imports sources all tiles responsibly from places we appreciate. Needless to say, we visit each international partner and their production facilities regularly. Relief tiles are most notably recognized by their textured decorative surfaces on a clay body. We designed this tile to incorporate the beauty and integrity of handcrafted tile. At the same time, this tile has a denser body. The production of this ornate tile is the most time and labor-intensive of all of our offerings. The reason is that artisans meticulously sketch and hand paint each intricate design. The hand-crafting process of fabricating a relief tile may take upwards of 20 times longer than a solid color! For this reason, we treat our relief tiles with somewhat of a reverence for the artists, as each individual tile is a work of art.