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133 Sangria

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What is Cement Tile?

133 Sangria Cement tile is composed entirely of cement and water cured and made using a hydraulic press method. One of the major characteristics that contributes to the popularity of cement tile is it’s interesting, irregular appearance. This product can vary greatly in color and shade. Furthermore, you can expect it to patina and even develop hairline fractures over time. The most valued characteristics of cement tile are distressing and wear. They are like a really nice pair of jeans. The more you use them, the more character they will develop. Therefore, if you choose cement tile, make sure you are OK with tile that shows hairline fractures and ages over time. Because each tile absorbs a differing amount of sealer, they darken differently. Cement tile will never look the same as they first did out of the box. If appreciated, it can be very beautiful.

  • Patina over time
  • Durable
  • Environmentally-Friendly
  • Easily refinished (Gently sand away the top micro-layer of concrete to reveal a fresh layer with revived colors.)
Size and shape options?

133 Sangria Cement Tile is available in a selection of sizes and shapes that will make your project shine. For example, Diamond, Subway, Hexagon, Abanico and ect. Do you have a size and shape in mind for your project but can not find on our website? Do not worry! We are here to help. Please contact us or chat with us online.

Important Installation Note

133 Sangria Cement tile requires sealing heavily during the installation process. If this step is not done correctly, staining can begin to occur immediately following installation. Note that certain sealers will darken cement tile colors significantly. Ask your installer to apply sealer options to sample pieces prior to sealing all tile. Please read our encaustic pattern cement installation guideline and cement tile sealing guideline prior to installation.

  • Mix tiles from different boxes during setting to produce a beautiful and natural appearance.
  • Use only non-pigmented or low-pigmented grouts. We recommend selecting a non or low-pigment grout by Mapei.

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2" x 2" Color Sample, 4"x4", 8", 8"x8"






V-2 – Slight variation where there may be differences in texture and/or shade within similar colors.




Suitable for floors, walls, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, exterior kitchens, etc. Also suitable for commercial use in restaurants or bars.

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