Traditional Saltillo

Traditional Saltillo

Saltillo tile is available in numerous shapes, sizes and finishes. Though the aesthetics of Saltillo Tile can vary greatly, the essence of Saltillo Tile is its place of production.The artisans mix the natural clay with water, making it very wet, leading to an almost pourable consistency. Then they place wooden frames on the ground and pat the very wet clay into them by hand. After that, artisans lift the frame and the tiles dry in the sun. And finally, the tiles are fired in the cave kiln.

Sealed Saltillo tiles can perform indoor floor and wall applications such as kitchen floors, kitchen backsplashes, kitchen countertop, bathroom floors, bathroom backsplashes, laundry room, fireplace surrounds. Sealed Saltillo Tile should not be installed in wet areas such as showers floors.

Please read our saltillo tile installation guidelines carefully and provide to your contractor/installer.

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