Mex Zellige

If you have made it this far, you really are interested in beautiful handmade tile. Zellige is one of the most traditional building materials in the world. The production process has remained unchanged for centuries. It’s handmade in Morocco and has influenced the design behind many products that are popular in homes around the world.

Zellige tile is available in a selection of vibrant colors that will make your project shine. Though Zellige tile may be exactly what you have been looking for, keep in mind that the same characteristics that make Zellige so pretty are also things to consider prior to purchasing.
Zellige tile is one of the most distressed, irregular and unpredictable materials available within the tile industry. Zellige tiles are not easy to install nor are they easy to care for.
The fragility and unconventional nature of Zellige tile requires that much time and skill be invested in the installation, resulting in significantly higher installation labor rates. The level of quality for Zellige is rather subjective and often determined by the individual that is installing the tile.

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