Our Customers Love Encaustic Clay Tiles – Here’s Why

If you watch a lot of the home makeover shows on TV, you have probably noticed that patterned tiles are in right now. Homeowners are using them for everything from the kitchen back splash to a complete bathroom redo. And while there are several types of patterned tiles on the market, our customers seem to prefer encaustic clay.

An encaustic clay tile is a unique tile that is hard to replicate with cement. For the record, encaustic tiles are tiles that rely on different colors of clay, rather than glazing, for their color and pattern. Our Dandy Ocean clay tiles are a splendid example. They are made with both blue and white clay.

Dandy Ocean Semi Gloss Clay

Take it from us when we say that our customers love encaustic clay tiles. Here's why:

1. They Are Beautiful

Encaustic tiles are beautiful regardless of the materials used to make them. But encaustic clay takes beautiful to the next level. If you have never seen a genuine encaustic clay tile before, you really need to stop by and check out the Clay Imports inventory. You will be in love from the minute you set your eyes on these incredible tiles.

Part of what makes encaustic clay so beautiful is the knowledge of what it takes to create these pieces. Again, craftsmen use multiple colors of clay to create their works of art. Moreover, everything is done by hand when you are working with clay. Craftsmen painstakingly fill a mold with the various clays then press them and let him dry.

Take a look at a couple of the choices in our encaustic clay inventory, especially Comet, Catalonia Midnight, and Justin Clay. All three require a lot of work to make them, but each design is well worth it.

Catalonia Midnight Clay

2. They Are Durable

Clay tiles are durable to begin with, but encaustic clay even more so. Remember that the pattern in encaustic tile is not achieved through glazing. It is achieved by using different colors of clay throughout. That means the color and pattern are actually embedded in the tile rather than just sitting on the top surface. That makes both more durable.

Just by way of comparison, glazed tiles can be artistically decorated by using a variety of colors. The craftsmen essentially paints the tile in whatever pattern he or she deems best. When the tiles are fired, the glaze is cured and bonded to the surface. Yet the glaze can still wear off over time. It can also fade. You have none of those issues with encaustic clay.

3. They Are the Trendy Thing

Our customers love encaustic clay because it is one of the hottest trends in home makeovers right now. And by the way, that is perfectly acceptable. Latching on to current trends is one way to add value to your home while also making it a more enjoyable place to live. So if everyone on your street has encaustic clay in the bathroom and kitchen, it's okay to put in your house too.

Orleans Sterling Clay

Social media and television have played a significant role in the popularity of encaustic tile. It is everywhere these days. The best part of all is that homeowners have a seemingly endless list of tile choices. From remarkably simple patterns to some of the most intricate tiles ever made, encaustic clay offers something for everyone.

We invite you to browse our entire inventory of clay tiles. Once you find something you love – and we are confident you will – you'll be well on your way to achieving an outstanding finish on whatever project you are currently working on.