Floor Tiles Don’t Have To Be Square in the Bathroom

Choosing a floor tile for the bathroom can be a mundane exercise in looking through square tiles differentiated only by their color. It doesn't have to be that way, though. There are floor tiles in all sorts of shapes and sizes offering different textures, patterns, and so forth.

Go unconventional with Abanico

A great choice for people who are tired of squares and rectangles is something known as abanico. The word 'abanico' is from the Spanish word meaning 'hand fan'. A tile made in this shape resembles a collapsible hand fan associated with ladies of high society. The tile is broad and rounded at the top; it tapers to a narrow point at the bottom that resembles the handle of a fan.

This particular shape can really transform a bathroom floor. However, it really is more impressive in larger spaces. So if you're talking a relatively small floor overshadowed by a large tub and vanity, abanico might not be so impressive. It would still look sharp inside your shower surround.

Try the Parallelogram

The parallelogram is one of the shapes we all learned about in high school geometry class. A single parallelogram may not do much for you visually but aligning hundreds of them in opposing and staggering positions across a floor creates something that really stands out. For an extra bit of pizzazz, you might choose two different colors to alternate throughout. Or use one color as the primary and the other as an accent in key locations.

Go Classy with Arabesque

We carry several arabesque, i.e. ornamental, connecting tiles, including our Española line. These are extremely elegant tiles that would make any bathroom look truly classy. Arabesque tiles offer classic lines and a deep visual texture that can make even the smallest bathroom space feel warm and inviting.

The Tried-and-True Hexagon

Some of our clients looking to go beyond squares and rectangles without taking a huge risk settle on the tried-and-true hexagon. The hexagon is a six-sided shape that can be easily conformed to just about any floor. Hexagonal tiles are easy to install because all the edges are straight.

Another benefit of the hexagon is that it lends itself well to both large and small tiles. Larger tiles cover more space per tile, while using smaller hexagons allows you to create different patterns by mixing colors. It's all good.

Consider Color and Glazing

Avoiding squares and triangles is one way to prevent your bathroom floor from being visually conventional. There are plenty of other shapes that work equally well. If none of the shapes in our inventory ring your bell, you can always consider different colors and glazes. They can add quite a bit of visual texture even in square and rectangular tiles.

You might contemplate our selection of relief tiles as a starting point. We also carry a selection of square tiles in high-gloss colors. These would make for a very interesting bathroom floor without the visual busyness of a relief pattern.

As you can see, floor tiles in the bathroom do not have to be conventional squares and rectangles in a single color. There is an entire world of options out there.