Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here, and there are always those few people who you have NO clue what to get them. We've got you covered - simple, beautiful, practical and won't break the bank.
Here's a little guide that has ideas for great gifts all year round!

1. Trevits or Cheese Plates - our cement tiles are perfect to set some cheese and crackers on, or for your hot pans! The patterns and colors choices are endless.

2. Coasters - who doesn't like a nice set of coasters? Help your friends out from adding more rings on their wooden furniture. Believe me, they'll thank you.

3. Planter - Any of our beautiful tiles can be made into a planter - we've got some already put together, or come on in and pick any tile. These planters will add some color and character to any room. We know everyone has a little green thumb in them.
(These also make great office supply holders!)

4. House Numbers - These might be the sharpest looking house numbers around. Make your family or friend look like the coolest cat on the block with these numbers. The wooden frame is handcrafted here in Austin, Texas - which is a huge plus! Help keep it local

5. Loteria - These Loteria tiles are FUN FUN FUN. Bring family and friends together and play a game with game boards and use the tiles as the calling cards.

Come by and see us! Or give us a call - we ship all over the country!