Do you love the decorative pattern but want to create your signature look? Choose from our cement tile solid colors palette and create your personalized tile. Not only, can you pick colors, but also have the chance to visit our Cement Tile Design Studio to play with the virtual design tool that our supplier in Mexico, Original Mission Tile, provides. To move forward, please contact us per email or visit our design studio in Austin, Texas.

Cement Tile Solid Colors

Verde Caribe S-291

Salmon S-903

Oxford Gray S-918

Jaune Fonce S-908

French Blue S-913

Caramel S-905

Black S-101

Verde Canada S-121

Verde Militar S-150

Vert Clair S-909

Vert Fonce 910

Weathley Blue S-289

White S-100

Blue Asia S-364

Terracotta S-107

Taupe S-113

Sky Blue S-914

Sandstone S-122

Sand S-916

Rouge S-904

Naranja S-103

Natural Gray S-291

Navy S-108

Sage S-114

Peacock S-118

Red Brick S-919

Rojo Palo Alto S-213

Rosa S-105

Mohave S-225

Mocha S-915

Melon S-123

Jaune Clair S-907

Heather S-117

Gris S-900

Gris Mexico S-165

Chocolate Asia S-365

Chocolate S-906

Clam S-102

Crema S-367

Dark Brown S-923

Gray S-106

Green S-110

Charcoal S-324

Cafe S-104

Brun Camois S0901

Blue S-119

Blue Fonce S-912

Blanc S-902

Cement Tile Solid Color Azul Rey S-160

Azul Rey S-160

Cement Tile Solid Color Adobe S-115

Adobe S-115

Cement Tile Solid Color Amarillo D S-366

Amarillo D S-366

Aqua S-120

Azul Caribe S-293

Azul Morocco S-924