Tile 101: Pattern Clay


Low-Maintenance, Customizable and Never Boring.


From bold to subtle patterns, the Clay Imports Pattern Clay tiles has a design and color combination for everyone.

Glazed and fired, you will love these tiles for their clean lines, durable finish and low maintenance. Clay Imports’ clay patterned tiles are a more “liveable” version of high-maintenance cement tiles. They are also significantly easier to install and require no extra sealing! Since our clay patterned tiles are designed to be a low maintenance alternative to cement tiles, you can use these beauties almost anywhere.

The versatile quarter circle pattern in a pinwheel inspired layout.


If you’re wanting to learn more about pattern clay tiles, we’ve put together a full guide for you here:

What is Pattern Clay?

Pattern Clay tiles are the low-maintenance alternative to high-maintenance cement tile and any dull decorative wall and floor coverings. Our Pattern Clay tiles are made of clay and are glazed and fired, making them ideal for wet areas, backsplashes and floors. Pattern Clay tiles measure approximately 6”x6” or 8”x8.” Clay tiles are approximately ⅜” thin. Each tile has a decorative pattern - designed for the design-savvy.

Pattern Clay tiles exiting the kiln.

Why should you consider Pattern Clay?

If you want to push the envelope of tile design in your home or project AND need a low-maintenace product, Pattern Clay is for you. The trailblazing printing technology allows us to apply about any pattern on durable clay tile, may it be super intricate or minimally designed. Want to create your own pattern and color combinaton? Our Pattern Clay collection is customizable. Also, if you prefer straight lines, and minimal color variation, choose Pattern Clay. (If you are looking for the uber-handmade look, check out our Hand Painted tiles.)

The Look

We have curated a selection of popular and interesting designs in neutral and vibrant colors. Doesn’t see a design that is just right for you? We offer customization options! Generally, Pattern Clay designs are pretty predictable and consistent in color and size - a great option for the perfectionist in you.

What’s the difference between Pattern Clay and cement tile?

Glad you asked: the answers are in this blog on Cement vs. Clay tile.

Where can I install Pattern Clay tiles?

Pattern clay tiles are ideal for indoor and wet areas applications, you can also use them in covered outdoor areas in mild climates. Clay tiles can be installed on a kitchen backsplashes, shower walls and floors, fireplace surrounds, coffee bars, and many other areas, including certain outdoor installations. Clay tiles can be installed indoor and outdoor, however, they are not freeze-proof, so please keep climate in mind. They are a great option for high-traffic, busy areas and can be installed in almost any application without worry and as long as installed properly. You can find our installation guidelines here. If you are unsure if Clay tiles can be installed in your specific space, feel free to reach out to us, as we are happy to help.

Penacho Michelada is the star at Jane Ko’s back patio.

How do I clean and maintain Pattern Clay tiles?

It’s very easy to care for Clay Pattern tiles. Just regular clean with non-acidic, conventional cleaners. We glaze and fire clay tiles, which makes them non-porous and low maintenance. They will generally look the same out of the box in your space for many years to come. Enjoy your tile!


Cover photo credit: Design by Schlitt Flips.

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