Tile 101: French Country White Wash Saltillo

Our unique spin on a classic terracotta tile

French Country Terracotta | Tile 101 by Clay Imports

We’re known for offering classic Saltillo terracotta tile, but did you know that we also offer a whitewash French Country color option. This Saltillo tile option comes with a durable translucent stain sealant that subtlety lets the terracotta show through the milky finish.

YouTube thumbnail for how it's mad French country Saltillo tile by clay imports

Take a look at how French Country Saltillo is made by our tile artisans in Mexico


“Stain sealed” refers to a tile finish that includes a pigment and a protective sealant. While the tile is being presealed it's also being pigmented. The color is not painted on the surface, but rather mixed into the sealer.

Hexagon whitewash French country Saltillo tile by clay imports

French Country is as protective and durable as our tried and true Clay Imports traditional pre sealed Saltillo tile. Essentially the same tile, but instead of seeing the complete terracotta variation, the milky pigment adds a distressed antique effect.

Hexagon whitewash French country Saltillo tile by clay imports

Since this tile is handcrafted, expect variations in size and thickness from piece to piece. Keep in mind that these variations will result in more time and skill for installation. Similar to our traditional Saltillo tile we recommend a grout joint between ¼ inch and ¾ inch depending on the desired look.

Hexagon whitewash French country Saltillo tile floor clay imports

Clay Import’s French country finish is designed to enhance your modern farmhouse aesthetic– or any space that can be complimented by whitewash blush tones. Ideal for any space, from kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms, and for both floor and wall designs. Get more familiar with French Country, you can order samples online or in-store.

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