Tile 101: Bloom Series

Where nature meets modern design

By Clay Imports

As clay experts, we understand the importance of nature in all the aspects of our lives, making it obvious why we as humans take inspiration from what we see in the wild: the leaves and trees in a groove, the light patterns in the water, the morning view from the top of the hills. We thrive when we adopt nature as a part of us and this is also true in design. This year we are watching a shift in design trends: we are leaving behind the sharp, geometric and high contrast motifs and looking for something more welcoming, the perfection in the chaotic but alluring wilderness. That’s why we like to introduce you to our newest collection: Meet Bloom series.

Black and white patterned tiles by Clay Imports

The tiles

There are 11 different tiles in the Bloom series and we can group them in two different shapes: 8” hexagons and 8”x 8” squares. We recommend using these medium sized tiles for floor tiling, as backsplash in kitchens or accent walls in your house; but do not take our word for granted, these tiles are the perfect choice for any project you have in mind!


This symmetrical hexagonal tile takes the water floral design inspiration and combines it with playful coloration and a geometric design, capturing an illustrative take of this iconic floral. Lotus is reminiscent of the white lotuses that grow in lakes and calm waters and the design puts the focus on the colorful spaces created by these flowers.

Blue and green hexagonal tiles for outdoor designsBlue and green hexagonal tiles for outdoor designs

green and white hexagonal tiles for outdoor designs


This may look like the more traditional patterned tiles in the collection, but we decided to fully reimagine the traditional checkered design with these tiles. Check blends organic lines with geometric design, creating this whimsical and charming design element that adds a spice to the classic black and white tiles. These tiles are available not only with black squares, but also with two tones of warm gray and beige.


Black and white checkered patterned tiles by Clay Imports
White checkered patterned tiles by Clay Imports


The boldest design in the collection, Sprig combines organic shape with modern art, a dream of maximalists and minimalists alike. The floral motifs across the tile are inspired by eucalyptus and are designed to be layout in two different ways, so you can highlight the light or dark colors of the tile.


Modern black and white patterned tiles by Clay ImportsModern black and white patterned tiles by Clay Imports

Fringe & Willow

Starting from illustrations of young agave fields around the state of Jalisco, Fringe tiles have a symmetrical, low contrast design that will leave an impression. The subtlety of these designs evoque the shadows drawn by the leaves of palm trees and this is more true with Willow, the organic design with low contrast that harmonizes with its surroundings.

Gray and beige patterned tiles by Clay Imports

Gray and beige patterned tiles by Clay Imports
Gray and beige patterned tiles by Clay Imports

The inspiration behind Bloom series

We love working with the most creative people we can and the Bloom series is no exception. Sarahí Bloom is a Mexican designer. She was born in Puerto Vallarta, one of the most beautiful beach towns in the Mexican pacific and she was always interested in developing a career in design and creative painting. As a self taught artist, she began her illustrative journey by sketching her coastal daily life at her family's Papelería storefront.

Now with a private illustration career spanning Latin America, her work is usually featured in murals, commercial content and private art collections. But now her work is finding a new home with ceramic tiles, combining inspiration from the blooming coastal flora in Puerto Vallarta with hand crafted ceramics creating a seamless fusion of symmetry, organic elements, and harmonious motifs. Each piece is buzzing with lively illustrative designs and exquisite matte glazes and will bring a new perspective to your interior design options.

Sarahí Bloom Illustrator and designer

More nature inspired tiles

Bloom collection is a tile series that is heavily inspired by nature and Mexican landscapes. We highly recommend taking a look at the tiles to find your new favorite design. And you can also complement these tiles with more nature inspired collections. Take a look at our Desert Fields collection or find more patterned tiles in our Valladolid series and find the perfect compliment to your bloom choice.

Like all our tiles and collections, Bloom tiles could exhibit natural variations, which are inherent traits of natural materials. These variations in color, texture and sheen are not defects but rather a natural part of the product. We highly recommend ordering samples before making a final purchase to confirm and appreciate these natural variations in each tile.

Finally, we recommend taking a look at our Clay Care products. These maintenance items have been carefully tested with our products, and they are designed to preserve your tiles' beauty, ensuring their longevity and durability. From sealers to cleaners, purchasing these maintenance items together with your tiles not only simplifies your order but also prepares you to enjoy your tiles for a long time. And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@clayimports.com.