Poco x Clay Presents The Chef Series: Our New Line of Tableware

Introducing our new line of ceramic tableware inspired by six amazing chefs

Poco x Clay combines the art of cooking with ceramics to bring a distinctively gourmet set of tableware to your kitchen table. Our novel tableware line offers an Everyday, Dinner, and Essential Mug set, designed by Clay Imports in collaboration with Ayse Iyriboz. It doesn’t stop there: Meet the Chef Series. Clay Imports has teamed up with six artistic chefs to craft a special set of ceramic tableware. From entrée bowls, tortilleros to ceviche bowls, this collection pulls from each chef’s blend of taste and fine dining onto your table.

Bricia López – Copita

Bricia López is an entrepreneur, cultural ambassador, and a key figure in the Los Angeles gastronomic scene. López is one of America's foremost authorities on Oaxacan culture and cuisine and is credited with helping to popularize mezcal in the United States. Bricia being such a cocktail connoisseur, it only made sense that she collaborate with Poco x Clay to bring y’all signature copitas.

Read more here to check out her signature recipe for a Mezcal Old Fashion.

Jay Huang of Lucky Robot – Entrée Bowl

YouTube thumbnail for clay imports lucky robot jay huang chef series video Lucky Robot Sushi sits on what is now one of the prime restaurant strips in all of Austin: South Congress or “SoCo”. The vibrant sushi fusion restaurant’s head chef Jay Huang teamed up with Poco x Clay to bring you a unique, and versatile entrée bowl that brings out the best of your food. Read more here and check out Chef Jay’s killer Brisket fried rice recipe.

Kati Luedecke – Ceviche Bowl

Thumbnail for clay imports kati luedecke chef series YouTube video For the last twelve years, Chef Kati Luedecke has been cooking her way through the Austin food scene. Chef Kati and Poco x Clay teamed up to create a ceviche bowl that is one of a kind. Click here to read more about her Ceviche recipe inspired by her travels through Latin America over the last few years.

Siete Foods – Bowl

Poco Clay ceramic bowls with white, blue, and orange glaze clay imports Siete Foods is leading the grain-free revolution in Mexican cuisine with their gluten-free tortillas and chips. Clay Imports and Siete Foods share a lot in common, being Mexican American and family owned, that’s why we’re bringing y’all what we call the Familiar Bowl – perfect for any dish. Read more about Siete Food’s healthy foods journey and an easy family dinner recipe for arroz y pollo here.

Nick Barrera of De Nada Cantina– Tamale Tray

Thumbnail for clay imports de nada cantina chef series YouTube video Who doesn’t love the classic combo of tacos and margaritas? Look no further than De Nada Cantina. We collaborated with De Nada’s head chef Nick Barrera to come up with the vibrant Poco x Clay Tamale Tray that accentuates and complements dishes. Barrera pulled inspiration for the tray from his childhood memories of making tamales at his grandma’s home in El Paso. Click here to see Chef Barrera’s home cooked tamale recipe!

Edgar and Sara of Nixta Taquería – Tortillero

YouTube thumbnail for clay imports nixta chef series video Many of you are probably familiar with the genre bending, Nixta Taquería. Founded by Edgar Rico and Sara Mardanbigi, the James Beard award-winning taco joint blends old and new unlike any other taco joint. We partnered with Nixta to bring you a beautiful handmade Poco x Clay Tortillero that keeps your tortillas fresh and warm. A staple of Mexican cuisine, the tortillero is a must-have for making tacos. Read more here to check out a vegetarian Cauliflower taco recipe from Chef Edgar Rico himself!



Poco x Clay contributes to the proliferation of handcrafted, high quality goods while also supporting local communities of craftsmen and artisans. Unique ceramic tableware made in partnership with some of the best chefs in the world. Casual or formal, our tableware fits any occasion from a breakfast taco in the morning to a Peruvian ceviche for dinner.

Show us how you use your Poco x Clay ceramic pieces here to get featured on our social media! As always email us at contact@clayimports.com if you have any questions!