Meet Grow House Grow x Clay Imports

Clay Imports has always been a big fan of New York design studio Grow House Grow. We are fascinated by the narrative-inspired, thoughtful patterns by GHG founder Katie Deedy.

The Collaboration

What finally brought us together was a project by Alyssa Demilio Designs. Alyssa paired the vibrant Petticoat Palm wall paper in “Graciela” by Grow House Grow with thin brick in light green from Clay Imports.

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Y’all, this one hits me on a deep level. I designed this bathroom before I knew much about either company I would be coordinating with to bring it to fruition. Afterwards, knowing a little piece of both would live in the same room forever touches my soul! Both @clayimports and @growhousegrow we’re two of my favorite vendors I have ever, or will ever work with. They were so helpful, so passionate and so supportive! And I feel such a connection with @gabrielahrndez and Katie from @growhousegrow without ever having met them! I love you guys and I love the bathroom that has brought these soul sisters of mine together! I know this is not the last collaboration... until the next one.. shine on you bright bright lights! 🧞‍♀️🧜🏼‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️ Photo: @ellis_creek_photography

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Quickly, we all realized that Grow House Grow and Clay Imports are a great aesthetic match, and should create beautiful work together. With Katie’s magical designs, and Clay Imports artisanal tile making expertise, we are excited to share our collaboration: select original Grow House Grow patterns on clay. 

Meet the Collection

Otomi Tiles

You can select the The Otomi tiles individually, or mix and match to tell a whole story. Rabbits, deer, and herbs dance over this popular pattern inspired by the “rabbit in the moon.”  Featured palette: 150 Midnight, 103 Cloud.

Otomi Herbs l Grow House Grow l Clay ImportsOtomi Herbs

Otomi Deer l Grow House Grow l Clay ImportsOtomi Deer Otomi Rabbit l Grow House Grow l Clay ImportsOtomi Rabbit

The Dotty Hex

Dotty l Grow House Grow l Clay Imports

The Tropicana

Tropicana l Grow House Grow l Clay Imports  

Going Clay

It has been close to a decade, that the Brooklyn based studio has been offering patterns on traditional cement tiles. And, Katie is curious to explore new mediums. She is particularly intrigued with a product such as clay that has a robust cultural history of its own.

In terms of practical application, I’m excited to offer a non-porous option for our tile patterns, which can expand how our designs are used throughout the home.
-Katie Deedy about the new collaboration with Clay Imports

Like all our clay tiles, these beauties have a satin finish, semi-gloss sheen. Artisans screen print each piece with colors selected by Katie to stay as close to her original vision as possible. Clay tiles are 1/2" thick making them compatible with many other flooring options, like hardwood flooring. We have glazed and fired this product, which makes it non-porous. Therefore, clay tiles do not require sealing and require low maintenance. This Collection features clay tiles sized 8”x8” square and 8” hexagon. 

Grow House Grow and Clay Imports are launching this series in times of great change: The global pandemic has been affecting everyone's lives for months now. So, we provide you with positive announcements during these strange times. We hope these beautiful patterns will bring you joy and will find a place in your home.

Want to learn more about the Grow House Grow x Clay Imports collaboration? Read 13 Questions for Katie Deedy of Design Studio Grow House Grow. 



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