Koko Builds a House: Jane Ko’s Kitchen Reveal

A dream in white

By Clay Imports

Our favorite Austin food blogger Jane Ko of @atasteofkoko has bought a house! For those of you that have been following Jane, you know she is a huge supporter of small and local ATX. Together with design firm Be Unica, Jane selected various Clay Imports tiles for her new place. Let Jane show you the Kitchen reveal!

"I’ve always dreamed of an all-white kitchen with white appliances that I’ve seen on Pinterest. It was super important to me to create a kitchen that would photograph well."

Before & After

White cabinets, white countertops, stainless steel sink, and basic backsplash (that would be removed) turning into a gorgeous all-white kitchen with gold accents.


Kitchen before tile installation


Kitchen Backsplash with white palmas tiles by Clay Imports

Backsplash Reveal

The mantra for this kitchen design is “all-white” and “photogenic”. The Clay Imports Palmas tile in Snow Gloss, size 4”, is just that! The artist tile, designed by Ayse Design, is subtle enough to be the perfect backdrop for Jane’s content work.

Details of kitchen Backsplash with white palmas tiles by Clay Imports

Jane Ko in her kitchen with Clay Imports tiles

Details of kitchen Backsplash with white palmas tiles by Clay Imports

"I love how the sharp lines add another level of texture to the kitchen while it matches the all-white kitchen."

If you want to read more about Jane’s Kitchen design, you can visit her web page atasteofkoko.com. She also made a modern designed bathroom; you can check that project by clicking here.

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