Koko Builds a House: Jane Ko’s Bathroom Reveal

The instagramable boho modern bathroom

By Clay Imports

Our favorite Austin food blogger Jane Ko of @atasteofkoko has bought a house! For those of you that have been following Jane, you know she is a huge supporter of small and local ATX. Together with design firm Be Unica, Jane selected various Clay Imports tiles for her new place. Let Jane show you the BATHROOM REVEAL.

“Hello Pinterest -worthy bathroom– no this isn’t a photo of a dreamy bathroom on Pinterest, this is MY BATHROOM.”

Before & After

A builder standard bathroom with a tub, shower, and tile – all ripped all out to start the renovation. The result: a dreamy boho modern bathroom that so perfectly captures Jane’s personality.


Bathroom before glazed tile installation


“Someone pinch me, really. I’ve never had a bathroom with natural light so with the new house, I immediately upgraded the master bathroom with a window and this bathroom gets the most amount of sunlight in the entire house.”

A dream in Pink & White & Natural Light

Here’s the trick to this playful herringbone design: Use a light color on the floor and build in darker or colorful tile to ALL walls. The tile mix: The Clay Imports Horizon Series 2”x6” Rectangle in White Gloss, designed by Claire Zinnecker, and a custom pink shade, Bubble Gum, we specially made for Jane’s project. Add a bunch of plants and voilà, relax in the perfect boho bathroom.

Bathroom with custom bubble gum glazed tiles by Clay Imports

Bathroom with custom bubble gum glazed tiles by Clay Imports

Bathroom with custom bubble gum glazed tiles by Clay Imports

Read more about Jane’s Bathroom design on atasteofkoko.com. To see more about Jane’s renovation, check out the kitchen remodel.

And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@clayimports.com or chat with us here.