How to enhance your gray kitchen cabinets

Transforming your kitchen with the right tiles

By Clay Imports

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your home. Memories and stories are shared and made over meals and smells. The kitchen is a celebration for all your senses, that’s why the aesthetics of your kitchen play a significant role in setting the mood.

Modern kitchen designs trends are using more gray tones for the cabinets and the woodwork. This neutral tone is perfect to shine and enhance the overall look of your kitchen while paired with the correct tile selection. Whether it is to find the perfect home, cozy feeling or to make the new trend for kitchen design, in this article in collaboration with BestOnlineCabinets, we’ll guide you through the art of selecting tiles that elevate the entire ambiance of your kitchen. And while we’ll be focusing on gray cabinets, keep in mind that these tips and tricks can also apply to any neutral color palette.

Modern kitchen design with white tiles

Why should I use Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

Gray kitchen cabinets have steadily risen in popularity, becoming a staple in contemporary homes. Often celebrated for its neutral charm, their subtle elegance, combined with an undeniable sophistication, resonates with homeowners and designers alike. With these characteristics in mind, it is easy to understand why gray kitchen cabinets are being more used: you can aim for an industrial, minimalist look or complement a warm, rustic vibe.

Gray kitchen cabinets aren't merely about style; they offer a range of perks that boost your kitchen space's look and practicality. Gray cabinets are an easy way to amplify light in your kitchen, creating a brighter and more inviting atmosphere. This is especially advantageous for smaller spaces or kitchens with limited natural light, as gray helps open up the area.

Gray cabinets can also tie together different design elements in your kitchen. Whether you're combining different colors or materials, they provide a cohesive thread that ties everything neatly together and lay a neutral foundation that lets other design elements shine, like vibrant countertops, or like our case, a kitchen backsplash with an elegant tile work.

Modern kitchen design with red and white tilesYour tile work can bring a sleek look to your kitchen

How to choose kitchen tiles?

While it is important to choose a design that catches your eye, you can’t rely only on looks: you have to ensure that the tiles not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also cater to its functionality. We recommend considering 5 key elements to find the perfect tiles for your kitchen.

  • Budget: We all get drawn to the newest and trendiest tile designs, but sticking to what our pockets allow is essential. Simple, mono colored tiles can be accessible while intricate, handmade designs can offer an incredible texture. Our handmade tiles strike a balance between cost and artisanal work. With time and careful searching, you can discover tiles that fit your budget and style aspirations.
  • Durability: The kitchen is one of the most frequented areas in a home, which makes it prone to spills, splatters, and foot traffic. It's essential to choose tiles that can withstand daily wear and tear, so make sure your tile selection is resistant to stains and water damage, like our clay tiles are.
  • Maintenance: Some tiles require more upkeep than others. Natural tiles like natural terracotta, while beautiful, might need regular sealing to prevent staining. On the other hand, glazed ceramic tiles are easier to clean and maintain. Consider how much time you will invest in tile maintenance when choosing the tile for your kitchen backsplash.
  • Size and scale: The size of the tiles can influence the perception of space in your kitchen. Larger tiles can make a small kitchen appear more spacious, while smaller tiles or mosaics can add intricate detail to a larger space.
  • Color and patterns:  Lighter shades can brighten space, making it feel airy, while darker tones add depth and coziness. Whether subtle or bold patterns can inject personality and character into the design, this aspect is one of the most head scratching ones, that’s why we’ll delve deeper into how to consider the color and patterns of your tiles.
Kitchen backsplash with terracotta tiles

Natural colored tiles blending with the woodwork of your kitchen

How tiles complement or contrast kitchen cabinetry?

Tiles play a key role in complementing or contrasting kitchen cabinetry, much like how accessories can make or break an outfit. Some homeowners and designers might lean towards a serene, monochromatic look, while others crave drama and opt for shaker style cabinets and such. The choice between complementing and contrasting comes down to personal preference and the mood one wishes to set.

In general, the style you choose can fall into one of three categories, but that doesn’t mean it will look the same as others in the same field! Your personal choice is going to bring a distinctive touch to your overall kitchen design.

Warm-Toned Tiles: Beiges, Creams, and Tans

The gentle hues of beiges, creams, and tans can infuse your space with a sense of comfort and tranquility. These colors create a harmonious palette that radiates warmth when paired with gray cabinets. Warm tones offer a well balanced palette look; they will create a subtle contrast while maintaining a complement with the neutral of the gray cabinets.

Cool-Toned Tiles: Blues, Greens, and Whites

Another option is to bring a breath of fresh air into your kitchen with cool-toned tiles. Blues, greens, and whites collaborate to create an ambiance that's calming and invigorating, producing a striking contrast that elevates the visual appeal of the kitchen. The interplay of cool tones infuses your kitchen with a sense of openness and vitality, making it an inviting spot while maintaining a modern design for your kitchen.

Neutral Tiles: Blacks, Grays, and Whites

The harmonious trio of blacks, grays, and whites are the safest option to combine and create a refined look for your kitchen. These timeless shades form a versatile backdrop that allows other design elements to shine when combined with gray cabinets. The beauty of this palette lies in its ability to adapt to various styles, like bold contrasts or subtle gradients, giving you a minimalist haven or a cozy farmhouse-inspired space.

Modern kitchen design with blue tiles
Cold tones bring a modern design to your kitchen backsplash

Tile patterns and textures in kitchen tiles

Color is not the only thing tiles bring to design selection. The textures and patterns play a key role in the overall aspect of the space and play a fundamental role in your design choice.

Subway and glazed tiles

When paired with gray cabinets, subway tiles create a clean, sophisticated backdrop that looks clean and enhances the looks of the woodwork in your kitchen. The beauty of subway tiles lies in their simplicity; they offer a blank canvas open to personalization through grout color, layout, and accents. You can take a look at this DIY kitchen backsplash we did so you can take a look at how this kind of tile looks once installed.

Mosaic and patterned tiles

Mosaic tiles are intricate patterns that bring a tale of elegance in your kitchen. Mosaic tiles are famous for their versatility; they offer an endless range of creative possibilities and are used for their self-expression possibilities. Whether you're drawn to the precise geometry or the playful randomness of their arrangement, mosaic tiles grant you the freedom to compose a one-of-a-kind artwork that resonates with your style.

Textured tiles

Textured tiles are becoming one of the most used trends in kitchen design. When paired with gray cabinets, textured tiles introduce a tactile and visual richness that elevates the entire space. Textured tiles offer a sensory experience beyond the visual; they invite you to explore the space with your fingertips. Whether you opt for embossed patterns, 3D designs, or subtle ripples, textured tiles allow you to create a multi-dimensional masterpiece that engages the senses.

Modern kitchen design with white tiles
Modern kitchen design with patterned tiles


Tiles, whether harmonizing or contrasting with cabinetry, wield the power to shape the kitchen's character, that’s why the partnership between gray cabinets and the perfect tiles emerges as the cornerstone of balanced design.

Interior design should not be overlooked; we will spend a lot of time in our kitchen and it is important to have an harmonious space that will frame memories and moments we’ll live in this room. By thoughtfully combining the union of kitchen cabinets and tiles, you can create a space that complements aesthetics and utility, turning your kitchen into the cornerstone of your household. Once again, we thank BestOnlineCabinets for the collaboration for this piece. And remember, if you have any questions or require more information, reach out to us at or chat with us here.