Haylie Duff's Lakefront Getaway Transformed with Bohemian Charm and Clay Imports' Palmas Tile

Discover the Stunning Transformation of an Old Hunting Cabin into a Cozy Family Retreat with Vintage Décor, Rustic Accents, and a Vibrant Tile Upgrade

Get a glimpse of Haylie Duff's recent creation - a picturesque, bohemian, lakefront getaway in Texas. This stunning "jewel box" was once an old hunting cabin but has been transformed into a beloved family retreat that showcases vintage decor, cozy furnishings, and rustic accents. 

Haylie Duff lakefront house photo

See Inside the Lake House

This cabin is the perfect spot for family getaways. It features three bedrooms and two bathrooms and big and spacious common areas for all kind of activities. Its spacious outdoor area boasts a large deck that offers an amazing lake view, making it the ideal setup to begin or end your day.

Lakefront cabin with outdoor tiles

But the best room, the very heart of this fantastic cabin is definitely the living room. It features a cozy fireplace, a plush sectional sofa, and an eclectic mix of bohemian-inspired textiles which will redefine what cozy means. The open kitchen, with its unique tile backsplash, rustic wooden cabinets, and sleek stainless steel appliances, is perfect for preparing family meals.

Haylie Duff lakefront house photo

The Star of the Show

The bar area in particular, got an incredible facelift. This is, of course, because it features our onw and only Clay Imports' Palmas Tile in Emerald, which bring a funky and vibrant addition to the space. 

Kitchen backsplash with green hexagonal tiles

"One of the areas that I was really excited to make over was the bar because it was very old and dated," she tells PEOPLE. "I put in this tile from Clay Imports, which is a local tile company here in Austin. It's these big green palm tiles that look almost like agave leaves. It's funky and different and I just love it." - Haylie Duff 

Palmas tile by Clay Imports


Haylie Duff's lakefront hippie getaway is the perfect blend of rustic charm and bohemian style. With its picturesque lake views, cozy interiors, and outdoor space, it's no wonder why this cabin has become a beloved family retreat. If you want to know more, you can view the full interview with People here. And you can see the house by booking a night (or maybe more!) on Airbnb.

Haylie Duff lakefornt house

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