4 Texas Landscaping Ideas from Seedlings Gardening (2021 Style Update)

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Curious about 2021 trends in landscape design?

Since 2009, Seedlings Gardening has been creating beautiful, livable outdoor spaces that benefit not just their clients, but the Austin community and our environment as a whole.

Owner Reese Baloutine shares four landscaping trends we expect to see more of in 2021.


Whether it’s retaining seating walls or a concrete planter with a bench, more and more people want built in places to sit and enjoy the landscape. These projects turn out most successful when seating is worked into the initial design. At this particular project the bench is built on top of a concrete retaining wall. This separates the sloped yard from the patio space created around the back door.

Covered Porches

As more people spend time with loved ones outside, shaded and covered outdoor areas are high on the list of requests. The easiest way is to accomplish this is to hang a shade sail. This feature will cast a little shade in a sunny area. A lot of people also desire to be outside when it is raining. After living in Houston with a large Victorian front porch, I can totally recommend chilling outside during a thunderstorm. Adding a covered porch area can be as simple as setting a metal shed roof on a steel frame. Or adding a structure painted to match the house with a gable roof.

Versatile Patio Spaces

As the seasons change, so do our landscaping needs. During the winter we tend to gather around fire pits to keep warm, especially when we have people over for dinner or drinks in the evening. In the summer we desperately want to cool down. That’s why a lot of people are adding a small stock tank pool to their yard. With a versatile gravel or patio stone area you can switch up the furniture and create a space that works best for your needs now or in the future.


People are constantly looking for different ways to screen off the view of the street or neighbor’s houses. A new trend we’re seeing is to create an oasis by partitioning off part of the front yard. While it’s nice to be able to connect with your neighbors, most people also want a bit of privacy and separation. One thing that we get asked about a lot are breeze block walls. These walls create a sense of separation between the sidewalk and street without completely blocking off the view and the ability to be neighborly.

Breeze Block Landscape Design


The Clay Imports Art Deco-reminiscent clay screen blocks feature bold geometric patterns and highlight excellent craftsmanship. They can serve as a design accent in hip restaurants, or more recently in your neighbor’s backyard! Besides from being pretty to look at, these architectural pieces can actively raise your comfort level. Their main purpose is to balance the impact of sunlight and provide welcoming ventilation. Learn more about our breeze block collection here

At Seedlings Gardening, they love partnering with other Austin small businesses like Clay Imports. From creative walls, planters, stone and soil options, Seedlings would love to feature and work with you. Contact them at seedlingsgardening@gmail.com and make sure to follow @seedlingsgardening on Instagram.

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