Q? Where is Clay Imports located?

A. Our warehouse and retail storefront are located at 12024 N. Lamar, Austin, TX 78753. If you’re local, please stop by! Our production facilities are located in Guanajuato, Saltillo and Monterrey, Mexico and Istanbul, Turkey.

Q? Are handmade tiles suitable for pools?

A. Though handmade Clay and Cement Tiles are not rated to withstand extreme freezing conditions, if properly installed, these product will endure decades of use. For best results, follow these instructions.

Q? How can I remove grout stain from my cement tile?

A. Cement tiles are porous and thus require significant sealing to avoid absorption. If your cement tile has been stained during grout application, this is likely a result of insufficient sealer application, the use of a heavily pigmented grout or over-drying of the grout on the surface of the tile. For restoration and cleaning of cement tile, follow these instructions.

Q? How long will my order take to arrive?

A. Because Clay Imports’ tile lines are hand-fabricated and hand-painted, production time varies. Special order and custom tiles typically take between 6 and 10 weeks to produce and ship. Alternatively, our in-stock selection can ship in as little as 3 days. All orders are shipped from Austin, TX. Domestic transit time can take from 2-10 business days depending on the size of your order.

Q? Will my tile be exactly like the sample I saw online or in the showroom?

A. Although we aim to delivery your tile according to specific color, size and shape designations, we simultaneously value the inherent natural variation that often occurs in handmade product. As a result, you may expect slight variations in size, shade, thickness. Irregular edges and the appearance of fine cracks are also inherent this product and can vary from piece to piece. Please contact us if a particular tile is damaged beyond the scope of these natural irregularities and we will happily work to find a solution.

Q? Do you sell sealer for the tiles?

A. We sell a variety of sealer products for varying tile types and installation environments. Please see here for products and additional information.

Q? Do you sell grouts for the tiles?

A. We sell multiple types of grout in varying colors. Please contact our sales department for details at contact@clayimports.com

Q? Can I order samples? If so, how?

A. You may order samples online, by calling Clay Imports at 512-836-8500 or by emailing us at contact@clayimports.com. If ordering samples via email,  please be certain to give us as much information as possible (e.g. exact tile name (and size, if applicable) in order to ensure you receive the tile you want! A minimal price for samples and shipping will apply. 

Q? What is Talavera Tile? How do you maintain it?

A. Talavera tile is a traditionally produced handcrafted ceramic item made in Mexico. The aesthetics of this product correlate closely with popular conceptions of Mexican, Spanish, colonial and Christian culture. The azulejo (زليج arab. “faience, ornamental sp./pt. “tile) originated in medieval Iberia, flourished in the Spanish city of Talavera de la Reina, and was inspired by an Islamic aesthetic. Cleaning Talavera tile can be done with mild cleaners such as water and soap. Use only mild cleaners that are non-abrasive as abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface of ceramic surfaces.

Q? Is there a minimum order?

A. No minimum order is required! We appreciate all orders and are excited to meet your specific tile needs.

Q? What are my payment options?

A. Payments to Clay Imports can be made with cash, checks, major credit cards, via PayPal or online invoicing.

Q? How much extra material for cuts, waste, and customer damage should I include with my order?

A. We recommend to include a 10% overage on material in your total calculation for cuts, waste and customer damage.

Q? Do you accept returns?

A. Please refer to our shipping and returns policies.

Q? Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or other countries?

A. Yes, we ship worldwide. Please contact us by phone or email to request a quote and availability of products.

Q? Do you help with the installation of the tiles?

A. We happily complete installation projects in the Austin metropolitan area. Please contact us by phone or email with information about your project and we can provide expertise on next steps and installation quotes.

Q? If a tile is on your website, does that mean you have them available for sale?

A. Although all tiles present on our website are stock tile, this does not mean we have them sufficient quantity available for sale at every moment. If a desired tile is out of stock, please call or email to have us start the production process that takes 6 weeks. If on a timeline that requires tiles earlier than 6 weeks, please contact us and let us know your specific situation.

Q? What is cement tile and what are its uses?

A. Cement tiles are made of decorative-quality concrete and are composed of two layers, a pigmented color layer (a single color, or multi-color patterns), and the structural tile body. Cement tiles are handmade, and non-fired. Cement tiles can perform in most applications, including commercial, with the correct sealant.

Q? What is the resistance and capabilities of cement tile?

A. Like concrete, cement tiles are not resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and should not be used outdoors where consistent freezing temperatures may exist. Cement tiles are not resistant to acids and should be cleaned with pH neutral cleaners (This is a crucial note when considering application of tiles to a pool that may use pH altering pool cleaning products). A high quality effective sealant must be used for shower, spa, or pool use. Clay Imports tiles have been applied using numerous sealants. We can make recommendations with your order, if the application falls outside of the scope of our house sealant.