Clay Imports was founded and developed out of an appreciation for craftsmanship, a love for art and a passion for international travel. Through years of building an international network of world class artisans, Clay Imports is proud to present an amazing, constantly evolving and absolutely authentic selection of handcrafted tiles and other home goods.

We are devoted to celebrating innovation while honoring tradition and have a heartfelt reverence for the unique art and history that each tile bears. Every hand-crafted tile we source represents part of a beautiful mosaic of people and places, society and community; all of which we want to remember and relay to our clients. We are excited to grow in our company and community. To this end, we constantly seek out new partners, producers, styles and production methods across the globe–we are ever in search of new tile to carry and new stories to tell!

Meet our crew


Zac Barreiro
Owner+Installation Supervisor

Nick Barreiro
Tile Scout


Canan Kaba
Media + International Purchasing

Gaby Hernandez
Lead Designer + Project Manager

Devon Smith
Sales + Design consultant

Tile Warmer

Dennis Duong
Asset Analyst

Chloe Choi
Graphic Designer

Vanessa Silva
Warehouse Manager