Introducing Our Home Goods Line

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Introducing Our Home Goods Line

As cliche as it may be, home is where the heart is, and at Clay Imports we’re all about helping create beautiful, memorable spaces that act as the starting point for building cherished memories for years to come. And while our main focus has always been tile, we’re so excited to announce our latest venture, our line of home goods: Clay Casa.

We realize that not everyone owns a home nor has the budget to purchase tile and wanted to figure out a way people could still get that Clay Imports aesthetic without having to renovate.  Working with so many talented designers throughout the years, we wanted to continue working with them on not only the home renovations and new builds, but also with home goods that continue the Clay Imports aesthetic to furniture and tableware.

So, we got together with Artist Series curator, Ayse Iyriboz, to once again think outside-the-box on a line of wares which include cortado cups, plates, a water pitcher and a cream and sugar well all made in our production facilities in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She even supervised the entire process herself, educating and trouble shooting with our makers with forms and the glazing process. A ceramicist herself, working on a line of pottery seemed serendipitous and an organic evolution. 

Handmade from a natural reclaimed clay body with white glaze and cobalt blue speckling, each piece has slight variations and a charm that will add to the overall character of your home. The sugar well also features a hand-carved rosewood spoon, the same material are Equipale chairs are made from. This line is all about coming full circle, reusing beloved materials and establishing even more ways to bring Clay Imports into your home.


  1. Hello – I would like to purchase some number tiles. I’m in Oklahoma City but a friend will be down in Austin for Christmas. Is it possible to purchase them for her to pick up for me? – Diane Lawlis

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