Alhambra Tile

Masters of Alhambra tile and more

Timeless geometric, floral and primitive designs applied by hand glazes. The Alhambra line of tile is a higher form of art with those knowledgeable in ceramic products. Raised or textured glazes with minutely detailed patterns are unique to this exclusive line.

Rarely found at such affordable pricing our Alhambra line is superior to any handmade tile and the perfect design compliment to our Talavera tile. In fact, all of our Talavera patterns are also available in the raised and textured Alhambra series.

Fired at 1900 degrees Fahrenheit for exceptional hardness and durability the Alhambra series is a treasure for the eyes and the owner.

Special glazes and colored minerals found exclusively in our Alhambra series resist abrasion and insure durability in residential as well as commercial applications.

Our Difference? Your Advantage? Our Alhambra line is also ASTM tested to insure it’s superior quality and DoHS-compliant to be LEAD FREE (Test Reports Available on Request).

Questions? We’ve got the answers at Clay Imports Artesanal because we are the manufacturer and the TRUE source of origin for the creation of these famous tiles.

Clay Imports Artesanal invites you to view some new design concepts from Pittsburgh Paints called "The Voice of Color" line of vibrant paints, including the Hacienda Style Palette. Also, if you want to compliment our distinctive Mexican hand made tile with high quality ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone products visit our friends at American Tile.

The Artisans who Create our Hand-made Tile are Located at our factory in the Historic Town of DOLORES HIDALGO, GTO, Mexico and, in the USA, our Showroom and Warehouse is in Austin, Texas at 12024 N. Lamar 78753. You can also contact us at (512) 836-8500.

In 2008, we took our Talavera to a new, environmentally safe plateau. After years of testing to preserve the true Talavera colors, all of our tile is now ASTM tested and RoHS-compliant to be classified as LEAD FREE. No other producer of Talavera tile can make this claim.