Zellige Moroccan Noir Black – Responsibly Made in Morocco


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Size: 4″x4″ Square
Conversion: 1 sq.ft. = 9 pcs

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Zellige Moroccan Noir Black

We source Zellige Moroccan Noir Black responsibly sourced from Morocco. Clay Imports stocks this handmade tile in Austin, Texas. We partnered with Marrakesh-based tile manufacturer Mosaico in early 2016 while tile scouting in Europe and North Africa.

About Zellige Tile

Zellige’ is the Arabic word for ‘baked tile’. The production process is 600 years old and the craftsmanship has hardly changed to date.

The best-known characteristics of the zellige tiles are the beautiful color nuances and the hand-cut character. You can find Zellige tiles throughout the Middle East, in palaces, mansions, hammams and nowadays also in chic hotels and trendy restaurants. Also, the demand for zellige tiles in Europe and the USA and Canada rapidly grows.

However, the old craftsmanship’s techniques do have a flip side, they are entirely outdated. In many zellige tile facilities, artisans work under miserable conditions. Furthermore, twelve hour shifts are no exception and children learn the trade at a very young age in order to provide a meager contribution to the family’s income. Moreover, their pay is usually needs to feed many. In addition, workers use toxic glazes and mix them manually. They can only use the traditional clay ovens at night. The reason for this is, that the smoke is so black and toxic that it affects the health of people in the surrounding areas.

At Clay Imports, we strive to

preserve old craftsmanship while manufacturing zellige tiles using today’s technical know-how to produce ecologically defensible zellige tiles, producing a minimum of waste and giving employees a sustainable workplace.

 Clay Imports only sources zellige responsibly and from places, we appreciate. Our carefully chosen zellige workshop meets the highest international standards.

  • Artisans fire the ovens with gas which leads to hardly any emission of harmful gasses.
  • In addition, they import glaze commodities from Europe. These glazes do not contain sensitive minerals, like lead and are completely safe for producer and consumer.
  • Furthermore, artisans cooperate with renowned chemists, who develop the recipes of colors and train workers in locally in preparing and applying the glaze.
  • Also, workers reuse 95% of the waste material.
  • Moreover, management employs both men and women, which is highly unusual in this industry.
  • In addition, it pays the employees a salary that is 150% above the minimum wage in Morocco.
  • and, it guarantees that employees work in a clean environment. Furthermore, management covers insurance for all employees. Hence, employees can build a pension and use medical services, if necessary AND free of charge.
  • And lastly, they ensure that employees cannot work any longer than 10 hours a day or pay overtime.

Install and Maintain Zellige Tiles

Clay Imports offers installation services in Austin, Texas.We pride ourselves in meticulous installation work. Our crew works on point. Feel free to contact us for an installation quote. And finally, please reach out anytime if you have questions.

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Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .65 in


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