Saltillo Regular – exclusively made in Saltillo, Mexico


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All our Saltillo tile is pre-sealed with oil based sealer.
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Saltillo Regular

The Saltillo Regular tile is exclusively and responsibly sourced from Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Clay Imports stocks this traditionally handmade tile in Austin, Texas.

What's the difference between a Saltillo "Regular" and "Super"?

Contrary to the Saltillo Super tiles, "Regulars" are made with a wood frame instead of a metal mold. This is the original method of making handmade Saltillo tile. The artisans mix the natural clay with water, making it very wet, leading to an almost pourable consistency. Then they place wooden frames on the ground and pat the very wet clay into them by hand. After that, artisans lift the frame and the tiles dry in the sun. And finally, the tiles are fired in the cave kiln.For this reason

For this reason

  • Saltillo Regular tiles have squared edges, rather than square edges of the "Regulars".
  • Due to the irregular square-edging of a "Regular", this tile appears more rustic than the "Super"
  • you can grout the "Regulars" with a narrower grout line, than 'Supers.

About Saltillo and Saltillo Tile

Clay Imports sources all tiles responsibly from places we appreciate. Needless to say, we visit each international partner and their production facilities regularly. Saltillo tile is a hand-made, rustic, unglazed floor tile that is made in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Saltillo is pure craftsmanship born out of centuries of perfecting the same product over and over again. There are no fancy patterns and no marketing budgets.

Please follow our tile scout in Saltillo for photographic celebration and a reminder of what handmade truly means on TheTilePress.

Saltillo Tile

Moreover, Saltillo and Austin are sister cities. This friendly relationship fuels Clay Imports and our commitment to support local communities in both cities.

Saltillo Tile

Saltillo Tile

Saltillo Tile

Color Variation

Saltillo tiles are made of clay native to the region. The natural variation of Saltillo tiles includes gold, and red tones. You are welcome to specify which colors your prefer. Clay Imports offer "Select Red" and "Select Gold" options. To move forward, please contact us directly.

The artisans stack the tiles in the cave kilns on end, slightly overlapping so that they will not fall over. Prior to firing, they seal the opening of the kiln with clay to prevent heat from escaping. Then, they start the fire at the bottom of the cave. Furthermore, they add fuel to increase the heat until the kiln reaches proper temperature. As soon as all oxygen of the cave atmosphere is used up, the flame then seeks the next available source of oxygen, which is the iron oxide in the clay tile. The flame burns it, hence flashing the exposed surfaces of the tile. Accordingly, the light buff color in the tile is the area that was flashed and the peach color in the tile is the area, which is shielded from the flame by other tiles.

Install and Maintain Saltillo Tiles

Clay Imports offers installation services in Austin. We pride ourselves in meticulous installation work. Our crew works on point. Feel free to contact us for an installation quote and reach out anytime if you have questions.

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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 16 in